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September 26, 2017


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59f36ae783383 Kelsie R.

Kelsie R.

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59f36ae783383 Brittany M.

Brittany M.

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59f36ae783383 Leslie E.

Leslie E.

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59f36ae783383 Carley N.

Carley N.

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59f36ae783383 Austin M.

Austin M.

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59f36ae783383 Evan C.

Evan C.

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59f36ae783383 Colbie D.

Colbie D.

Process over Product

High school advanced art students have been working on a reduction relief printmaking project.  The unit teaches the students about process over product.  The unit will focus on the process of creating the project and learn about artists who use this concept in their art.  The outcome of the process will be successful at times however we have some projects that do not turn out like expected. The students will look at their piece and reflect back to the many steps it took to complete.  It is common to hear students explain that the finished piece of art does not show how much hard work was put in as it was created.