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News & Updates

100th Day of School

We celebrated the 100th Day of School by bringing in 100 items! Our students were very creative in how they came up with 100 items …

A Christmas Story by Samia

I know it's Christmas because, I can see the big, green, Christmas trees. I know it's Christmas because, I can see the wreaths hanging from …

I Know it’s Christmas, Payton Dowell

I know it's Christmas because.there are people walking around with presents.I see the Christmas carolers.i see people cutting down pine trees. I know it's Christmas …

How a Bill becomes a Law

The Fourth Graders had the opportunity to listen to a few books that were written by the Junior Class. The Juniors read us their stories …

Making Butter &Flying Turkeys

We grouped up with the 3rd graders and learned how to make butter. Our groups each had a different type of butter that they were …

Study Island

Students are enjoying some time on the computers.

Halloween Party

We had a great time at our Halloween Party. We celebrated the day with costumes, a parade, games, and snacks. A special thanks to the …

Science Activity

The Fourth Graders have been learning about complete and incomplete metamorphosis. We did an activity with noodles, beans, leaves, and sticks to show complete metamorphosis …