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News & Updates

100th Day of School

We celebrated the 100th Day of School by bringing in 100 items! Our students were very creative in how they came up with 100 items …

A Christmas Story by Samia

I know it's Christmas because, I can see the big, green, Christmas trees. I know it's Christmas because, I can see the wreaths hanging from …

I Know it’s Christmas, Payton Dowell

I know it's Christmas because.there are people walking around with presents.I see the Christmas carolers.i see people cutting down pine trees. I know it's Christmas …

How a Bill becomes a Law

The Fourth Graders had the opportunity to listen to a few books that were written by the Junior Class. The Juniors read us their stories …

Making Butter &Flying Turkeys

We grouped up with the 3rd graders and learned how to make butter. Our groups each had a different type of butter that they were …

Study Island

Students are enjoying some time on the computers.

Science Activity

The Fourth Graders have been learning about complete and incomplete metamorphosis. We did an activity with noodles, beans, leaves, and sticks to show complete metamorphosis …

Halloween Party

We had a great time at our Halloween Party. We celebrated the day with costumes, a parade, games, and snacks. A special thanks to the …