Mrs. Meyer’s 4th grade science class has been studying plants. One of the activities that went along with this unit was discovering how plants absorb water. To start of the project, the students each took a celery stock with leaves and placed it in a cup of colored water. The students let the celery set in the colored water for 24 hours and then checked to see what happened to it. The students were excited to discover that the celery absorbed the water and it went all the way up to the leaves, where they noticed the tips of the leaves had the color of water that was in their cup. They learned that plants absorb water the same way, and that the water travels to all areas of the plant. The students also went outside Thursday when it was nice and warm and checked out all the different plants and trees around our school. The students charted the different characteristics of each plant and its bloom. We also discussed how we thought each type of plant/tree absorbed water based on its stem size. The student’s really enjoyed this activity!

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