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Acting Out

The Fourth Graders had a blast acting out their weekly vocabulary words.

Saving Fred

Our class is learning about teamwork. Fred was in the ocean without his life preserver on and his boat capsized. Students had to work together …

Class Photo

Students working hard in Social Studies class.

Flexible Seating

We love our new flexible seating options this year thanks to several generous donors through DonorsChoose.Org! The students and myself are loving the flexible seating …

Preschool News 9/14/18

Look What We're Learning We had a great week in preschool! We learned a new song about squares that helped us remember how to make …

Working throughout the day photos

We have been working hard on writing and spelling our first names, drawing circles, writing the letter S, holding pencils correctly, and cutting on lines. …

Preschool News 9/7/18

Look What We're Learning We learned about circles this week and loved to sing "Cindy Circle". We practiced drawing circles and used circle stickers to …

Preschool News 8/31/18

Look What We're Learning This week we practiced saying and writing the letters in our names while creating rockets, trains, and a self-portrait. We also …

Scenes from our first week

We spent our first week of school learning the names of our teachers and classmates, playing games, and making name mosaics.