Students in grades 8-11 recently completed their unit on novels.  As part of the project, each grade level read a novel by a famous author.  During the project, they had a list of questions after each chapter that they logged into Google Classroom to answer.  Each day some of the classes also had a journal entry to complete that was relevant to that day’s reading.  The final project for the novel unit was for each student to choose a project from a list of multiple options ranging from:  rewriting a chapter of the book from the perspective of another character, making a sketchbook of the characters from the book based on the descriptions given in the novel, creating a powerpoint or poster project to describe the setting of the book and explain how it affected the overall understanding of the novel, to reenacting three scenes from the novel; these are merely a few of the options they could choose from.  We have some very talented and creative students.  I am so proud of their final projects.  These are just a few of the pictures.

8th grade      Al Capone Does My Shirts

9th grade      October Sky

10th grade     To Kill a Mockingbird

11th grade       Scarlet Letter  and The Great Gatsby

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