Tiger Cubs preschool teacher Miss Cindy Cloyd invited Mrs. Dowell’s third grade class and Mrs. Meyer’s 5th grade science class to participate in a STEM activity with the preschoolers.

Each of the 3rd and 5th graders paired up with a preschooler and  were given supplies (popsiclle sticks, straws, corks, aluminum foil, and tape.) With these supplies, each pair was given the task of creating a boat that would float and hold at least 3 plastic counters. The students enjoyed working together to come up with the design for their boats.

There was a tie for the boat that could hold the most counters before sinking. The team of Brody C. and Mavric G. and the team of Sydnee B. and Declan B. were each able to hold 45 counters!


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