Look What We’re Learning

We learned about circles this week and loved to sing “Cindy Circle”. We practiced drawing circles and used circle stickers to make the letter “S” in our journals. The kids were introduced to Letter Muncher during Alphabet Work. Letter Muncher is a frog puppet who only eats the letter of the week. We start each week by looking at Letter Muncher’s shopping list to see if we can guess what letter we will be learning about so we know what to feed him. We made snakes out of the letter S, wrote Ss in our journals, and made an S chart of all the things we could think of that starts with the letter. You can see the chart hanging on our wall. We will learn about squares next week, and our letter will be “Aa”.

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday, September 11 – School fundraiser packets are due

Friday, September 14 – NO SCHOOL

Friday, September 28 – $25 activity fee due

Friday, October 12 – Preschool field trip to Papa Charlie’s Pumpkin Patch in Chillicothe

Name Game

I will send various activities home with the children throughout the year to reinforce things we are working on at school. The kids are working hard on writing their names the school way and saying each letter used to spell their names. I am sending home a copy of the activity we did today and would like for you to practice it several times with your child. You can keep it at home since we have the same thing here. If you cannot get the dry erase marker to come off of the sheet, it will wipe off easily with fingernail polish remover. Thanks for helping your child at home!

More Bears

We have been in school for 14 days! Mrs. Delinda and I have been lenient on enforcing the rules as we were giving the kids time to adjust to school and all the different expectations. Students will be expected to follow the classroom rules throughout the day without many reminders beginning on Monday. You may see yellow and red bears next week as we begin to issue consequences for not following the rules. We will be very strict on keeping hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves, as well as listening to directions and instructions (especially while on the carpet during large group times). Attached are the expectations for the cafeteria, center times, and when we are on the carpet. Feel free to review these with your child over the weekend and in the coming weeks. Please remember to sign and return any yellow, red, or black bears that are sent home.

Snack Schedule 9/10-14

Monday – QuinnLynne
Tuesday – Aubrey
Wednesday – Clint
Thursday – Slade
Friday – NO SCHOOL