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Delinda Meyer, Fourth Grade

Hey, there! I am super excited to be here at Keytesville R-III for my second year of teaching!  I am the 4th grade homeroom teacher and the 4th-6th grade science and social studies teacher. I am also the varsity and junior high cheerleading coach here at KHS and the Thunder Football cheer coach as well! Go Tigers and go Thunder!

My family and I live outside of Keytesville. I have two children, Tucker and Libby who keep me very busy with their sporting events! Tucker plays baseball and basketball here and Libby is in gymnastics. They both attend Keytesville R-III.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, singing, traveling and Kansas City Royals Baseball!

My education:

2003 Graduate of Salisbury High School

2005 Graduate of Moberly Area Community College – Associate of Arts in Journalism

2018 Graduate of Central Methodist University – Bachelor of  Science in Early Childhood Education

I plan to obtain my masters degree within the next few years in administration!



Fourth Grade Activities

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Exact Path Rewards

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4th Grade Studies Southeast States

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