Spanish I and Intro to Spanish students are learning to greet people and introduce themselves, asking how someone is feeling, where they are from and saying goodbye. They are also using the Spanish alphabet to spell, using numbers to count and tell their age, phone numbers and birthdays.

Spanish II students are reviewing all of the information they learned in Spanish I. We are reviewing characteristics, weather phrases, activities and telling time. Grammar, family, clothing, food, and vacations are other subjects we are covering. Both classes are learning the 21 countries that speak Spanish.

7th Grade Health

The 7th grade will be learning about Mental, Emotional & Physical Health this semester. They begin with how to Take Charge of Your Health and Developing Good Character. Next they will learn how to Make Responsible Decisions. They will also be Developing Mental Fitness and Managing Stress and Being Resilient. We will also learn about the Benefits of Physical Activity.

Elementary Physical Education

All of the Elementary classes began playing kickball for the first few weeks. Then they played softball for a couple of weeks. Now we are working on the President’s Physical Fitness Test. We want to congratulate the Lady Tigers and the Tigers on a their great softball and baseball seasons.